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A Cardiff and Vale Health Board spokesman said the claims of poor infection control include the re-use of cartridges of local anaesthetic syringes, which should have been thrown away after a single use.'Based on clinical advice, we would not recommend screening for all patients as the risk is very low unless you have other lifestyle factors which may present a greater risk of transmission,' he said.

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It was touch and go for a while in lead up to their first date as Ally almost turned around and went home, but we're so happy she didn't as her and Andy made an amazing connection, moving to Devon months after meeting and recently getting married! My Single Friend was set up in 2004 by TV presenter Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for matchmaking her single friends.

She had the idea of describing her single friends online so that they could all check each other out and that's when My Single Friend was born!

This means that going to Church for the right reasons with the right motivation, may it be to pray for something or simply to reflect. However, what many of us tend to forget especially nowadays is looking decent and presentable in visiting the Church.

We tend to mix up our cocktail dress with the Sunday dress. The more you show off, the more people would doubt your sincerity.

Since then we've had amazing feedback from our site members and hundreds of happy couples who are getting married, thanks to meeting on MSF.

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