christian singles dating phoenix - Methods of accommodating diversity for disability

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Faucets should be easy to operate by people with impaired hand movements or who are in wheelchairs.Water fountains should be low enough to be used by a person in a wheelchair.

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Methods of accommodating diversity for disability

Our waiting room has no furniture in the center, so there’s plenty of room to maneuver a wheelchair.

Our client conference rooms are very close to the reception area, so clients must move or walk only a few feet; and the pathways to the furniture accommodate wheelchairs and crutches.

It also means actively promoting community and comfort with difference, as noted in UCSF’s Principles of Community: “We recognize, value, and affirm that social diversity contributes richness to the University community and enhances the quality of campus life for individuals and groups.

The purpose of this article is to examine and analyze current instructional practices in relation to the phases of learning so that K-12 teachers can use those practices effectively to accommodate students’ diverse needs in learning.

Suggestions for educational researchers and teacher educators are also discussed.

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