Blake lively and ed westwick dating nline dating

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It's hard not to get antsy when you're waiting for Leighton Meester to show up.

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"She has a great combination of intelligence, wit, and strength but also this mischievous quality," says Gossip Girl executive producer and writer Stephanie Savage.

"Leighton's very matter-of-fact and up front about things, and unlike Blair, she's nonjudgmental." The show has a fan base that's truly, well, obsessed — perfect for all that rumormongering.

"My mom lived through a lot before I was born, and I can't judge her on that," Leighton says.

"She and my dad are good people." Then she rolls her eyes, obviously used to telling this story, and smiles.

"I never wear makeup when I'm not at work," she explains.

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