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by  |  09-Dec-2014 14:30

So, when a patient comes to you and says "doctor, i have STI, and I picked it from a dirty toilet last week" You just don't give him or her antibiotics and send him home; the correct medical practice is investigate, document, and infact tell the patient that though you believe him, but that most people just don't pick up this type of disease from the toilet.You have a responsibility(as a health practioner) to make the patient address the most likely source of the infection.

Once again, if 100 people on nairaland pick up STI, most of them would have picked it up from sexual contact, and other conditions I listed earlier.

Very few of them if any would have contacted it from a dirty toilet, so your advice must be based on the most likely cause(s). But I must say that I disagree with your manner of presentation. Because you obviously think that toilet infection wouldn't be of any significant.

Most of the STIs are not from the toilet, I challenge you or any other wannabe out there to show me the reference or the population where toilets serve as the most common form of STI transmission.

As a public health official, your emphasis should be on the most likely source of infection, while not totally ignoring the few outlaying anecdotal cases.

I know STIs are sometimes blamed on toilets as a means of infection but it will be quite ignorant to outrightly reject the existance of toilet infections.

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