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They keep such a tight lid on all the information." Curtis and Meridew gamely answer fan questions about wands they've made and working on the set as people pass through their exhibit and move on to a museum of make-up.

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Hermione would handle herself better," Lynch explains. Harry Potter could be at times quite suffocating, " Grint said."It did take up our whole lives.

GO BEHIND THE SCENES ON FANATSTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: The castmates were also asked if they would ever consider doing another multi-film franchise."I don't know. So yeah, I suppose there would be tiny bit of reluctance."Now that I'm out of it, I can see beyond it and it's nice to have a real life, and do things you want."There's a lot of freedom in that, but, yeah, I think it all depends on the material."Grint hasn't quite enjoyed the same post-Harry Potter fame and fortune as Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

Registered Pottermore members can download the Blippar app and use it to discover with fun details about the newly revealed schools such as Africa's Uaguadou is the largest wizarding school in the world and accepts international students.

And Japan's Mahouto Koro weeds out dark wizards early with magical robes that turn white when one betrays wizarding codes.

So imagine how fans must feel now Rupert Grint's gone and confirmed that the pair probably didn't make it?

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