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You'll now need to find a suitable file transfer program. It does seem that the more components are between the computer and the HD24, however, the more flaky the connection is.

Also, after all that complex setup, expect transfers to be slow.

ECN: Touch Screen updates (Firmware, Glass, Controller) for 24/26 inch - Series X models... ECN: Series X - Maritime Multi Computers (MMC), GDC Firmware Update... 30 June 2014 ECN: Upgrade of RAM module for Series X Panel Computers... module• HT 00273 OPT-A1: 4 x Digital IN/OUT isolated, USB ext.

ECN: Series X - Maritime Panel Computers (MMC) and HT B22 Computer, BIOS and VCOM driver update... module• HT 00274 OPT-A1: 2 x LAN 10/100Mbps, RJ45, USB ext.

first few numbers of the IP address must be equal) and they must have different device IDs.

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