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by  |  30-Nov-2014 23:56

I still think online dating is a bit odd though (which is stupid because if you really think about it, is actually a damn good way of weeding out the idiots and determing compatibility), but to me it just seems a bit despo.

That POV is not helped by the people I know who have tried it... ahh the joys of online dating, it removes the social awkwardness of having to be original, rejection and being actually interesting.

Feel free to share your own experiences but please keep your comments clean and G-rated.

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As the technology has advanced and internet has become more common and faster, the world of amateur webcams and sex shows has exploded.

These days, anyone with a webcam who fancies being an exhibitionist or is interested in either watching or participating in a cybersex experience can do just that.

Something I do believe is that the way we interact and meet people is changing.

More and more couples are meeting through online dating and in some ways I consider the slightly sordid world of cybersex to be way ahead of the curve in terms of the rest of society.

Oh, who am I kidding, it was totally about curiosity.

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