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I had a photo-a-day calendar hanging in my classroom last year, and I decided I would make one for John too.I made a 12-month one on Microsoft Publisher and typed messages or dropped photos of us and our adventures into the spaces for each day.Marine wife Meghan Lee recommends, "Find a hobby, or something to invest yourself in, to keep busy while he's deployed." Military wife Bobbi agrees.

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, never miss a post by subscribing to my newsletter! I wanted to make sure that John had things that would make him smile and make each day a little special during what was going to be a tough year for both of us.

I started thinking about the future and what I could do to make it easier for John. Last May, I decided to make small envelopes (from scrapbook paper) using this pattern.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take for letters to begin arriving to John, so I gave him 30 envelopes to open until the mail started arriving. To keep myself busy and feel like I was doing something, I decided that I would make 730 origami stars— enough for John to open one in the morning and then again in the evening.

Some of the envelopes had directions (“Open this when you’re sad,” “Open this when you’re homesick,” etc.) but not all of them. I wrote little messages on the inside of them and put them in a plastic, see-through paint pail from Michael’s.

That would mean that he’d have two weeks after he arrived in Afghanistan before he got a care package.

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