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For the moment, diplomatically, I prefer to say the songs that I have been impressed at first hearing: the class of Mannoia, the sound of Paola Turci and Samuel contemporary pop, intelligent fun Gabbani, writing Ermal Meta. vule if you play, you can say the Mannoia (which could repeat what was done by Vecchioni few years ago), or Sergio Sylvestre, which has a powerful piece and the audience of Mary De Filippo.

But in the end, the Stadium last year they surprised everyone, so expect to hear these songs on stage. And yet Al Bano Bernabei Alessio: "In the middle of a round of applause" (Dario Faini, Roberto Casalino, Vanni Casagrande) Bernabei continues on the road of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower": pop rhythm that nods EDM, which after a few seconds threw out a drop, then slows down, then starts again.

I'd even expect a surprise from two between Marco Masini, Michele Zarrillo and Ron.

Al Bano will place high, and D'Alessio received mixed reactions. "Macedonia", "Mosaic" and this year's "Bouquet": these are the metaphors used by Carlo Conti in his Sanremo Festival to define the variety of his choices in the singers and songs.

A deck with a few flowers in bright colors, very sober.

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