Importance of updating files

by  |  19-Jun-2016 17:16

A slightly different version of the Modified icon appears when a graphic is modified and one or more instances are updated while others are not.

The graphic is no longer in the location from which it was imported, although it may still exist somewhere.

If you print or export a document when this icon is displayed, the file may not print or export at full resolution.

Drag the column boundaries to change the column width.

Click a category title to sort the links by that category in ascending order. Rather than link to a file that you’ve placed in a document, you can embed (or store) the file within the document.

If a linked object does not appear on a specific document page, the following codes indicate where the object appears: PB (pasteboard), MP (master page), OV (overset text), and HT (hidden text).

You can display additional categories, such as Creation Date and Layer, in the Links panel to display more information about the graphics.

Placed EPS files may contain OPI links, which appear in the Links panel.

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