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by  |  14-Dec-2014 23:10

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Some of us mutter “life goes on…” , expect a 4/13 release date, and unplug temporarily.

Welcome to Homestuck Dating, a brand new blog dedicated to one thing: fandom connections.

Also her pre-scratch version is cool too, so It’s like double amounts of coolness. Another day goes by…at this point we just look forward to the surprise.

I kind of failed to draw what I really wanted though, the result is too warframe-ish I guess, but meh. Random minute, Random day, heck Random year…it doesn’t matter.

Now that Jade knows the cat better, she’s more of a cat person then a dog person. Rose found out about this all on her own, though.”Suggested anonymously“As it turns out, Sprites get ghosts too, even if they spritesplode.

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