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, Kamui) is a character and newcomer in Super Smash Bros.

4, and is the sixth downloadable character announced.

This forces opponents to play against Corrin very carefully in the hands of a component player, as one slip-up could allow him to rush in and deal heavy amounts of damage, or even KO if the player manages to space correctly.

While Corrin benefits from having an all-rounded moveset, he still has some flaws.

This, coupled with his tilts' speed and low knockback, allow him to combo his attacks reliably into each other, especially into his forward aerial, which auto-cancels from a short hop, and neutral and up aerials, which have wide swings.

The aforementioned combos are capable of racking up considerable damage, making Corrin particularly effective at dealing burst damage.

Corrin was announced alongside Bayonetta during the Super Smash Bros.

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