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If you two both get into them fast and get out of them fast, then you should consider pumping the breaks. Are you only getting into this quickly because you have nothing else going on and want something to concentrate on, or do you both have full lives and are getting involved because you’re genuinely interested in each other ? And is this the kind of person you could see yourself with longterm?

Make plans to talk less often, and shorten the conversations you do have so you don’t get into intense or emotional topics too often. When you’re only progressing things because the rest of your life is at a stand-still, then you’re setting yourself up for an unhealthy relationship. If it’s not, then investing such strong feelings is a bad idea, regardless of how fast or short you’ve been together.

The same average for couples who meet online is only 18.5.

Online relationships progress faster then others because both parties enter into it with the same intentions.

Instead of having people who just want to keep things casual and waiting for it eventually to turn into something, you have two people who are both actively looking for a serious relationship.

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