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If you choose to date, be honest with yourself – and those you date – about your limitations.It’s okay to say you aren’t ready to get serious, that you need to focus on your divorce or your kids, or that you’re still hurting over the divorce.



The chat rooms are where you can go to have your characters interact with others in real time, with no delay, and no refresh necessary.

Because of this the roleplaying can get very quick, and challenging, especially when there are multiple people in a single room.

For other rooms and places not listed, you are free to use your imagination.

Not everything has to be exact, even in the Main Hall, you may not see a picture that shows a giant plant in a ceramic pot next to one of the windows, but you can role-play like there is one if you want.

Dating before you’ve established a full separation can make you look dishonest (even unfaithful) in the eyes of your spouse, family, and those you date.

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