Oasis dating mobile app

by  |  27-Dec-2015 09:16

But to me it is hard to say what this dating site is all about.

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I think all the sites have all kinds of scammers and bad ones, but also has decent people, it's all up to you to filter the bad ones out, just use conmen sense.

do you think match and e-harmony don't have scammers ?

There are lots of scummy guys on this site however there are also many nice guys. nothing wrong with this website if u look like a model the women ar so stupid they all think they can get any man they want.

I have met a range of guys from this site and they have all been really interesting, sweet, genuine guys with good jobs or good prospects. i've been on oasis off & on for about 4 years & i've never heard of tokens or coins or even flirts! It also gives u every week to send shoot out for free which lots of females contact you. ussually women over 40 who hav worn down there previous man and now looking for another victim.

Ladies if you like a guy best to go on kik or similar and talk to them there, stay off the site as much as possible lol it'll really put you off!!

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