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In the absence of the Team City project, you can build the plugin locally using libraries from the Team City distribution by running the following command: Where TEAMCITY_DISTR must be replaced with an absolute path to the Team City distribution directory.

The target directory of the project root will contain the file, which is ready [to be installed] ( Additional Plugins).

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To give you a really quick rundown on web deployment projects i’ll just say this: Web deployment projects are basically just build scripts for MSBUILD.

Now you want to create a new build configuration for your deployment.

In the new windows enter the configuration name as “Deployment” and click OK Now using the same drop down select your Debug and Release build configurations and unselect the deployment project you just created from the build by un-ticking it. The contents of these files need to be your live or staging settings, that will be deployed when Team City builds the deployment. Now right click web deployment project and select properties to open its configuration.

Move the configuration drop down back to the Deployment configuration you just created so that we can set it up for Team City to run. Now you need to create alternate configuration files for both your Application Settings and Connection Strings configurations. Make sure you have selected “Deployment” from the configuration drop down, then select the Compilation option on the left and enter the location for the build server to deploy to.

When the installer is done you will be presented with a license agreement and be asked to create the first user account with administrator privileges.

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