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During this dinner which usually lasts close to 1 hour you are able to talk privately with your date and focus completely on getting to know them.What a wonderful way to live a dating experience in Second Life.

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Dating in second life

One of those that I have personally seen and experienced over the years is the ability to meet people and date in Second Life.

In real life you meet someone, usually go out on a date with them to a dinner, movie, a walk in the park, out dancing. Residents of Second Life have created so many wonderful places for us to use for this purpose.

Gosh, you know, all the things you can't control in real life, you can put together in Second Life. What’s the sexiest thing about a Second Life player?

If you have a Carmen Sandiego fetish, maybe in real life it takes you years trying to subtly hint to girls, "Hey, you should wear this red leather jacket, and a hat." On Second Life, it's okay to try things that other people might find weird. Open up a magazine and say, "Hey, Smackdown is coming to the local arena, let's go see Smackdown." Edge is retired unfortunately, but there are plenty of other sexy wrestlers. The guy I'm dating has an unusually large sexual appetite. If they aren't embarrassed that they're doing it, that's sexy.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple years, and have fallen into the rut of boring date nights — dinner and a movie. I know I should be glad, but it's exhausting and sometimes I just don't feel like it. Like, "I enjoy doing this, so I'm going to do it." The excitement to try something new and participate in a new way of socializing.

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