Cyrus and eliana dating

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Maybe that's why our top six - Witney, Chehon, Tiffany, Cyrus, Eliana and Cole - open the show with a dark, twisted Sonya Tayeh routine set to Kelis's 'Scream'. We'll be losing two dancers at the end of the show, and the votes have already been cast, but before all that we've got a whole bunch of performances to look forward to.And here to help Nigel and Mary on the judging side, we've got the lovely Christina Applegate again! Tiffany - dancing with all-star Benji Schwimmer (Jive)Jean-Marc Généreux is here to choreograph Tiffany and Benji's jive, and explains that it's set in a diner - there's a guy (a great dancer) that all the girls like.

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He praises the flicks and also bigs up Tiffany for dancing so well in heels.

"I don't know how you got the style together so quickly," he adds, describing it as "absolutely tremendous".

Nigel: Nigel says the energy in the routine lifted the entire audience, calling the dance "absolutely incredible".

He praises Jean-Marc's work, before saying that although Benji is the "best swing dancer" the show has had, Tiffany could keep up with him!

" She jokes that like stars singing the phone book, she would happily watch Eliana dance the 'YMCA' for hours.

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