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- How to detect the smallest signals of attraction - Mirroring "hacks" to immediately establish rapport - A tactic to create an automatic desire inside her to pursue you - How to deepen emotional rapport and boost your desirability - A system to rapidly and automatically identify if a woman likes you - Five big rapport mistakes that most guys make, and how to avoid them - How to make her the "aggressor" by using a set of Mind Control tactics - How a woman is psychologically designed to "seduce" herself to a man - How to stop getting rejected for being deceitful, needy, and unauthentic - The Shogun Method model to go from low rapport to high rapport with a woman - Using "Mind Control Mirroring" and body language to build subconscious rapport - The Emptiness Sequence designed to elicit a woman's deepest and darkest needs Module 7: Attraction Two techniques to make a woman attracted to you and how to use them in a step-by-step roadmap inside the Attraction Development Model (ADM).- Establishing rapport first before starting to attract a woman - Why you must repel a woman to make her fall in love with you - How to hack into a woman's mind and push her attraction buttons - The Dream Guy Sequence so she imagines you as her dream guy - How to make a woman work to develop and maintain rapport with you - A technique that makes a woman desire and think about you all the time - How to make a suggestion to your target that gets automatically accepted - Exploiting the two flaws in the female mind to generate attraction in a woman - How to make a woman desire you, bypassing her conscious and rational mind - A Negative Body Language technique that compels a woman to chase after you - 44 Implanted Commands to attract any woman you see, anytime and anywhere - How to get a woman to subconsciously believe what you say are her own thoughts - Short-circuiting her rational mind and appeal to her emotions so she falls in love with you Module 8: Enslavement This module is about making a woman stay in love.

At the same time, you will covertly I highly recomended The Shogun Method for every men to approach women, or to seduce a woman who is already familiar with you. A large portion of our customer base use the Shogun Method to control, dominate and emotionally enslave women who are already in their lives (i.e.

women they are already seeing, or girlfriends or wives who are threatening to leave them).

- The real reasons why guys fail with women - Learn the IRAE Model diagram (download and print) - The "Three Core Elements of Influence" to get a woman to fall in love - Four stages of the model: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, and Enslavement - The Desirability Scale and how to quickly gauge how attractive you are to women - Mind Control concepts and using them to subtly get a woman to do what you want Module 5: Intrigue Generating intrigue to capture a woman’s attention.

- Detailed FAQ Section - The five elements of a good Intrigue Story - Exploit the female brain so she is intrigued by you - How to ignite her passions and transfer them to you - How to exploit her built-in fascination for esoteric beliefs - Why being ambiguous will automatically increase your desirability - A mind hack technique that makes a woman eager to talk to you - A psychological flaw that makes women vulnerable to mind control - How to expertly capture her attention with a subtle, power technique - Control a woman’s emotions by guiding and influencing her "intuition" - Shogun Sequences used to invoke desired emotions in a woman - How to deliver Shogun Sequences like a pro without sounding awkward - "Hot" and "Cold" female brain modes, and how to keep her in the "Hot" mode - Developing your own provocative Intrigue Story to capture a woman's attention - "Multiple Sub Plots" to get her brain in "Hot" mode and captivate her imagination - Intrigue Ping - the first sentence that you must say when approaching a woman - How to avoid the biggest mistake from using "Pickup Artist" (PUA) style openers - Exploiting her inability to tell fantasy from reality, and bring out her hidden needs Module 6: Rapport This module provides industrial strength Mind Control rapport building tactics to make a woman submit to you.

- The key to ultimate devotion by triggering the right emotions about you - The "bug" in the female psyche and how to exploit it to dominate a woman - How to psychologically program a woman to respond to you the way you want - Female attraction buttons and how to push them to generate intense attraction - How to avoid pushing the wrong buttons that make a woman find you repulsive Module 4: The IRAE Model This 4-stage roadmap is used to seduce a woman from start to finish: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, and Enslavement (“IRAE“).

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