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Hence the word for 'grandchild' used to be written as chuchu in Malaysia and tjoetjoe in Indonesia, until a unified spelling system was introduced in 1972 (known in Indonesia as Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan or the 'Perfected Spelling') which removed most differences between the two varieties: Malay ch and Indonesian tj became c: hence cucu.

Indonesia abandoned the spelling dj (for the consonant at the beginning of the word 'Jakarta') to conform to the j already in use in Malaysia, while the old Indonesian j for the semivowel at the beginning of the English 'young', was replaced with y as in Malaysia.

Many vowels are pronounced (and were formerly spelt) differently in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Sumatra: tujuh is pronounced (and was spelt) tujoh, pilih as pileh, etc., and many final a's tend to be pronounced as schwas; in closed final syllables in peninsular Malaysian, Singaporean, and Sumatran varieties of Malay.

Indonesian differs from Standard Malay in the quantity of loanwords from Javanese, Dutch, and other languages.

In Brunei, where Malay is also an official language, the language is known as Bahasa Melayu and in English as "Malay".

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According to the complaints: Young's mother first reported Young missing on Jan. Young's mother had found a cellphone near where the roommate said Young had gotten in a car, and the last call made on it was Jan. About a week later, she turned it over to police, who traced it to Victor Stewart and Ashanti Mcalister. A bottle of bleach was inside the car, and she placed it under her sink at home.…
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