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The state Board of Education would need time to prepare for the new program, and so it might not get under way until the fall of 2011.

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Rowland said the prohibition “creates a very real hurdle for anyone trying to institute a voucher program in Nevada.” People have a right to attend religious schools, just not with public funds, she said.

The Institute for Justice, a civil liberties and public interest law firm, disagrees with the ACLU interpretation.

While other states have had some success, such measures have gone nowhere in Nevada. Jim Gibbons has taken up the issue, making a school voucher program a central piece of his education reform plan. 8, asked lawmakers to give his plan a hearing at the special session set to begin Feb. It also includes a repeal of mandates for all-day kindergarten and class-size reduction and a repeal of the state’s collective bargaining law.

16, 2010) CARSON CITY – A handful of state lawmakers have tried and failed over the years to establish a voucher plan for Nevada students, giving parents a share of their taxes spent on public education so they can pick a school that best meets the needs of their children.

A school voucher measure will be one of those amendments, she said.

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