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Instead of giving time-outs or withholding attention, the Goldenbergs should try a hug.

"Kids can't talk things out when they're upset," Dr. "A hug isn't rewarding misbehavior -- it helps the child reach a better state of mind.

Then again, Louis's tactic of ignoring Zachary while he's misbehaving hasn't reduced the outbursts either.

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It doesn't have to be our driving force for parenting on that moment, though. I'll instead do everything I can to break out the Play-Doh and talk about how we don't hit the cat for the same reason we don't hit him.

He likes to push boundaries and test our commitment to the word "no."He'll walk by the cat when we tell him to leave Dr. I completely understand that and have felt that surge of anger.

"I never realized that taking a moment to calm down and then speaking kindly to my child when he's misbehaving would make such a difference," says Louis.

Daniel and Margarido Wainraich, with Hope, four, and Danielle, six.

And if the girls don't help out, Margarida and Daniel should calmly explain that they won't be able to play with those toys for the rest of the day.

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