Wilson cruz dating who is joe flacco dating

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It’s fine - if you’re supposed to be in love with them - then you find that adorable somehow.(He Laughs) I think it’s about using what’s real and present and making it work.

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Yeah, I did have a lot of say, only because Winnie Holzman and I and the directors of the cast became so close that she would use my life to tell that story. It was definitely a rough time but we have moved on from it. We were all in awe of her and expected great things from her. We were so grateful for the opportunity that it was really a magical moment for all of us.

She was really great about having conversations with us about what we wanted to do with the character and where we felt it was going. Yeah - it happened about a year before we dealt with it on the show. It happens to a lot of people, particularly young people every year and a lot of them come to LA thinking that they’re going to find some sort of gilded star path. Everybody has gone on to do exactly what they were supposed to do and been afforded so many opportunities.

The special episode of Ally aired on the Monday and I opened on Broadway on Tuesday. I think you’re born with talent but you have to cultivate it and nurture it in some way. You have to be a little careful about what it is that people want from you, if anything.

It can be a little tricky here, but I’ve been very lucky.

So there are a lot of questions that you have to ask yourself before you make that decision.

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