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My parents and I tried to explain to him that not all women are like this—selfish and inconsiderate and cruel—and that he was the only singular factor among the type of women he chose to date.♦◊♦It’s been two years since he and his soon-to-be wife began their relationship online.She joined the international dating site to search for a better life, as it is not uncommon within her culture for Filipino men to physically abuse women, acts that go unpunished by authorities.

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A product of our home environment, back then he didn’t subscribe to the ideology that a woman’s role was limited to looking pretty while staying at home and cooking and taking care of the children while simultaneously servicing a husband.

As his little sister, he strove to make me into a multidimensional, cultured individual outside the gender-defining confines of Mattel Barbie dolls, .

If anything, I take pleasure in spoiling a male partner, whether it be with a home cooked meal, or a massage, or—yes—oral sex.

To me a man is neither a paycheck, nor a punching bag.

My mother chose never to remarry, continued to work, and spends her free time traveling with her hard-earned money.

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