What are the ten commandments of dating

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Be the bigger person and break the silence, communication is the key to success in ANY relationship.Commandment #7 Men Shalt Always Be Gentlemen and Women Shalt Welcome It It is nice for both people when the man opens the doors, gets up from the table, helps her with her coat, helps her out of the taxi, pushes the revolving door for her, helps her with her overhead luggage in the plane, etc.

Honesty and openness are the fuel for trust, the lifeblood of any relationship.

Commandment #6 Thou Shalt Not Go To Sleep Angry With Each Other A corollary to commandment #1 but worth separate mention.

These commandments are what I have found to be a solid group of rules when jumping back in the saddle. Probably not, but if you use at least five of these, I promise that your new life in the dating scene will be open, honest and easier.

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More women fake them than do men (yes men do sometimes when wearing a condom!

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