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What makes matters worse is how such statements are made by political leaders. ‘Isne mera balatkaar kiya’ — The Traumatic Process of Police Investigations The long drawn out investigation process after registering a report can also be a reason why women don’t report sexual violence.

Only for safety, nothing else of course." “There should be no women in the flat.” “This building is only for married couples and families.” Being young and single, looking for a rented place to live in any big city is tough.

If you’ve ever had to deal with regressive landlords, share your stories with us!

They internalize it to such an extent that it influences their life choices about where they will go to study, where they will work and when they will go out.” 3.

Accepting such Incidents as Part of the Everyday Reality of Being a Woman It is unfortunate that sexual violence against women is ingrained in our society in a way that it is perceived as part and parcel of being a woman.

She touches the men on the arm to identify them, and then says, Isne mera balatkaar kiya (He sexually assaulted me).

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