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The problem is, the government essentially choped one lane out of a two-lane road for buses, the remaining one lane for cars.

You can see that this one remaining lane even has the filter right option, so if a car wants to make a turn think about how long everybody behinds must wait in traffic. Deliberately rude, or an ignorant attempt at politeness?

But it looks like this time she finally caught the culprit red-handed.


The court heard that the couple’s Indonesian maid, Fitriyah, was abused by them physically... M Rafiqul Islam, who is also a Singapore PR, helms the two construction companies that are now being probed by the Manpower Ministry.

A Bangladeshi national is under investigation for not paying the salaries of 31 of his fellow Bangladeshi workers, and instead trying to send them home. Those firms are HBB Engineering and C-Plus Engineering.

Apparently, an Uber driver uncle here has made an insensitive comment to a young African lady that has gotten her all riled up. The Malaysian dishwasher who killed her landlord for turning off the power supply has been jailed for 3 years.

More specifically, when commenting on Africa, he said: “In Africa, it’s just skinny black people running around with spears. 36-year-old Woo Mui Mee was convicted of causing grievous hurt after slashing 76-year-old Wong Keng Woo with a paper cutter.

A rude shock for rubbish collectors this morning at Tampines St 42. “I heard a loud sound, looked out the window, and...

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