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by  |  05-Aug-2015 00:25

The add on TV drew me in - two beautiful people matched up.I joined and received 200 matches but none of them matched with me.

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Elite dating service reviews

The pictures i was shown were of very elderly men and double or more than my 50k distance to travel. I pointed out that breached the Australian Consumer Law and they told me I still had to pay. Anyone in Australia who they try to bully into paying the automatic renewl should point out that it is misleading and deceptive conduct to hide automatic renewal in the fine print. I did read the fine print about auto subscription and the 3 day cooling off period and it is still a SCAM.

heart broken and disillusioned I did not check reviews before i joined so this is the trap for the unwarythey matched me with women with whom I had nothing in common. I cancelled the day I signed up (within cooling off period) but when I requested a refund I was told they can't cos google play had my Money not them.

- You spend all this time filling in your profile only to discover that their matching algorithms are crap.

Your preference, you wants and likes are not taken into consideration. Hi Anne, Well hopefully you didn't pay for more that one month.

i am bitterly disappointed and feel i have wasted my money.

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