German women for dating american men sex dating in breien north dakota

by  |  28-Apr-2014 04:20

Apparently German men don't hit on women much, so many women are forced to approach men.Has anyone here been approached or flirted with by a German woman?

Photo: Chris Zielecki Even the hairiest German men with the worst sunburns and the biggest beer bellies love their teeny-tiny Speedos.

They wear them at the beach, with shoes and socks at the resorts, and, if they’re feeling fancy, with t-shirts while lounging at the pool. What Americans call bread is an abomination to them. And for those days when your digestive system is a little…let’s say, plugged up, you know from your mother-in-law that sauerkraut is the cure for all stomach ailments.

I would imagine that the women there would be quite similar to German women given how close it is to Germany?

If not, then at least its not far to jump over the border!

Which is disappointing, because they are really adorable. According to folklore, good kids get their stockings filled.

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