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If some results are found, information is returned in "data" key as Search Subtitles() return structure.

*Note for developers*: if it is possible, send moviehashes and moviesizes only for first CD in set (for example movie on two CDs), because users will receive duplicated mails (one for first cd and one for second cd) Example output: array Check Movie Hash( $token, array($moviehash, $moviehash, ...) ) This method returns best matching ! Note: method accepts only first 200 hashes to avoid database load, not processed hashes are included in "not_processed". Check Movie Hash2 - it uses same SQL query, but prints just best guesses.

Movie Imdb ID, Movie Name, Movie Year, if available for each $moviehash. Example output: array Check Movie Hash2( $token, array($moviehash, $moviehash, ...) ) This method returns matching !

With this function he subscribe to possible results, when someone else will upload matching subtitles.

Once a day (or week...based on users profile) will system send subtitle link by mail to user.

You can also pass language in HTTP ACCEPT-LANGUAGE header.

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