Wow addons not updating

by  |  29-Jul-2014 11:57

it also still says 1/8 on the page so it isn't properly updating. So instead of the update button (the simplest method) you're trying to use the updating tool: The updating tool (for 10/25-man, heroic kills and meta-achievements) It says you that you should use the tool when you want to update your heroic kills or you want to explicitly update 25-man kills or you want to add raid achievements. Guild achievements on the API updated not instantly.This means you should give it some time and then the update will be successful.

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Then having to go find the addon in the system preferences and update it stinks as well. I'm new to XBMC, but it seems really obvious that XBMC needs to include the ability for addons and scripts to automatically be updated when they are changed on their respective repositories.

I'm going to put together a dedicated HTPC XBMC box sometime soon but the idea of random addons breaking on me with no prior notice kinda sucks. When a developer updates the add-on it will auto update.

As I see, by now it's updated correctly: of Glory And yet still you posting nonsense threads about your *character* isn't updated (after Hagara kill there is now way to know when you killed previous normal mode bosses, so there is no 3rd service that knows kill times of your *character*).

Every tier I have several thousands of incoming emails and I'm not going to send several thousands of replies with "Hello, please learn2read".

Having an issue where trying to update the guild's 10man progress with 5 offline people it not working.

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