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Yet, Daulatdia is allowed to operate with impunity. Dautatdia is owned by one of the region's most powerful families, and the facility has been operating since the British colonial period.But perhaps the larger reason lies is monetary in nature; the sex industry in Bangladesh is highly profitable and lines the pockets of many of the area's most influential residents.Others find themselves imprisoned by the life of a prostitute because they have no other options in a country that otherwise offers them little opportunity.

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"It's a very bad world," says a Bangladeshi woman as she lowers her head.

"I wish I was not alive." This young woman is one of many such females who are confined within the walls of Daulatdia, the largest brothel in Bangladesh.

"Men just come here, give me money, have their fun, and then leave," another Bangladeshi woman proclaims.

"I don't have anyone here who loves me." The new documentary , produced by VICE News, goes inside the walls of Daulatdia, and uncovers an environment rife with emotional and sexual abuse, human trafficking, rampant drug use, and unsanitary housing.

These victims of sexual slavery number in the thousands.

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