What to say in internet dating email

by  |  10-Jan-2016 11:26

Don’t: Lead Someone On If you’re not interested in someone, be honest as soon as possible.Definitely do NOT leave anyone hanging, waiting for an email response from you that you never intend to send. If someone contacts you and you’re not interested, be respectful enough to send a short, succinct, and thoughtful rejection.

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Above all else, be yourself, have fun, and play to win.

hook up dating email can be a harrowing experience.

Do: Represent Yourself Fairly While it’s far too easy and commonplace to misrepresent yourself online (shaving off a few years from your age, exaggerating your income, showcasing decades-old photos, etc.), you’re far more likely to achieve dating and mating success online if you’re open and honest about who you really are.

By unapologetically celebrating who you are, both online and via email, you show your potential match how to appreciate and treat you, warts and all.

And never agree to meet a complete stranger at a remote location by yourself.

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