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“TV programs like that encouraged positive perceptions about North Korean women, so bachelors come to us with positive ideas about North Korean women already in their minds.” Kim’s comments echo a prevailing sentiment in Korean media at large.

“On My Way to Meet You,” a TV talk show featuring a cast of “North Korean beauties,” has been widely credited for overturning unflattering prejudices about North Korean women.

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Another TV series, named Nam Nam Buk Nyeo, has garnered similar reviews for pairing popular South Korean male celebrities with young North Korean women to act in simulated, onscreen marriages.

And with mainstream channels making the idea palatable to the public, matchmakers report an increasing male interest in their services.

“On a familial level, it helps close that mental gap.” For some, an old saying that translates to “men from the South are handsome, and women from the North are beautiful,” means that a South Korean man and a North Korean woman make the perfect couple.

China came to the aid of North Korea, and the Soviet Union gave some assistance. By 1948, as a product of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, Korea was split into two regions, with separate governments.

“All our employees are themselves North Korean women, and we have a strong sense that we are contributing to creating ‘reunification families'” said Kim.

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