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5 - nickname: Abu al-Qasim 6 - names and attributes and titles: Mamedahmad, Mahi, carriage, am today, ring, tracker, the prophet of mercy, Bashir, prognostic, Secretary, Sadiq, Mustafa, Taha Yassin, the SE, Enlightening, Raouf, Rahim, and descriptions of many other peace and blessings be upon him .. In the name of God the Merciful Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings This is a brief biography of Holy Prophet upon him blessings and peace Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him: 1 - his name and lineage: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib, of the tribe of Quraish, Ends relative to the tribe promised then to Ishmael, son of Abraham, peace be upon them 0 2 - his birth: Born peace be upon him in Mecca, the people of Bani Hashim on the morning of Monday, March 12, of the Year of the Elephant April 20 in 571 - by three immigration and fifty years 0 3 - migration: Emigrated peace be upon him from Mecca to Medina in on Monday, 27 of Safar in 14 of the mission blessed 12 September in 622 AD and arrived in Medina on Monday 12 March 14 mission, corresponding to 26 September 622 It was arrived at Medina on Monday, March 8 in 14 of the Mission September 23, in 622 AD, and perhaps this arises as a result of three days that Mktha in Laurel 4 - and death: Died may Allah bless him and sacrificed on Monday 12 March 11 for Migration (June 8) in 632 In Medina and was buried in a room Aa'ishah, south-east of the Prophet's Mosque.Whether it’s six in the morning or at midnight, this cam chat is open to everyone and registration is free.

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