Dating your professor

by  |  30-Mar-2016 16:31

Be assertive early on to avoid finding yourself in a disparate situation. You want to believe that you are smart, funny, and attractive, but the main thing you have to offer a person who is significantly older than you (and probably smarter and more experienced) is status.

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Heartbreak isn’t the only consequence of a student-professor relationship gone wrong.

If it ends, and you want revenge, the aftermath will get real. Two, if the professor is married, it could break up his/her home.

Obviously the consequences are more dire for him than they are for you, so if he decides to end things, I think it's important that you respect that.

Likewise, if the relationship continues and ends up being exposed, it's important to remember that there will be personal implications for your relationship as well.

This will be detrimental to your progress as a person in the long run.

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