danica patrick dating - Fake people online dating

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If it can happen to a popular Notre Dame (and now San Diego Charger) football player, it can happen to you, too.

Manti Te'o’s unfortunate story about an online girlfriend who never really existed reminds us all of how precarious our virtual relationships with people really are.

However, whenever Nev would attempt to meet “Megan” in person, she always flaked.

Catfish sometimes use social media networks to reinvent themselves, and become the person they've always wanted to be—even if it isn't real.

When Nev asked why Angela had done it, it was actually Angela’s husband, Vince Pierce, who offered up an explanation via a fishing analogy.

Instead, Nev found Angela Wesselman, a lonely, middle-aged woman whose life revolved around caring for her husband’s two severely autistic teenage boys. Angela made the whole thing up in an elaborate attempt to escape reality, and create a new world for herself.

Using the Internet to create a make-believe life that's way better than the one you currently have, is surprisingly not uncommon.

Tricking a person into falling in love with someone who doesn’t actually exist, is a cruel game.

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