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In early recovery, your focus should be entirely on yourself and your sobriety.It requires all of your dedication to build a healthy lifestyle and to build up your self-confidence."There's nothing like it out there," said Sid Farrar, senior trade acquisitions editor at Hazelden Publishing, part of the nonprofit Hazelden Foundation, which also offers addiction treatment and support.

You’re just beginning to build a solid foundation in sobriety, and you have a lot to learn.

Without drugs or alcohol, you’re very vulnerable until you develop new, healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

Most people advise that you avoid romantic relationships for at least one year after you become sober.

Relationships in recovery can succeed, but experience shows that jumping into a relationship too soon is a common precursor to relapse.

You’ll be challenged to deal with complicated, strong emotions, and you already have enough of that in early recovery without being in a relationship.

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