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You can prefer brunettes to blondes and not be racist. But the specific exclusion of people from your dating pool based on race can only be described by one word.At the distinct risk of sounding like a broken record about this, it’s racist to take every member of an ethnic group (that you’ve somehow defined in your unyielding sagacity) and neatly set them on the shelf never to be considered as humans to be courted, dated, loved, fucked, married, whatever.For example, OKCupid asked, “Would you date someone shorter than you?

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When the answer is “yes,” the other user is notified and has the opportunity to respond. The graphic shows what percentage of people responded to a “yes,” based on the gender and ethnicity of both parties (the data are only for opposite-sex pairs of people).

Unsurprisingly, most “yes’s” go unanswered, but there are patterns: For example, Asian women responded to white men who “yessed” them 7.8% of the time, more often than they responded to any other race.

When someone expresses a preference for partners of a certain race they usually won’t admit that their tendency has racist implications.

The more odious corollary — excluding certain races outright — is a very questionable commitment to have.

And both black men and black women got the lowest response rates for their respective genders.

Racial dating preferences

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