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The Muslim faith, with its strong traditions of marriage and family values, places high importance on finding a compatible wife or husband, in terms of education, background and life goals.

Traditionally a Muslim person seeking marriage would call on the help of friends and family members to recommend potential suitors.

There is good chance you can find a local muslim for marriage.

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We charge a very nominal fee of US $45 for 3 months -or- US $60 for 12 months. No fake profiles nor Google searchable of your personal information.

Eternal Garment respects every member's privacy and we are only allow members of the site to view your profile.

Nowadays, the Internet is a modern and accepted way for many young Muslims to meet each other.

For some, this approach is felt to be less stressful since it allows them to be in control and to learn more about the other person before a meeting is arranged.

And of course, we've all seen aunties (matchmakers), online matrimonial sites (e.g.

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