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That buzz died pretty quick, but now it’s starting all over again, withreporting that Jason Trawick and Britney Spears have been going on secret dates!

Trawick, a William Morris Agency rep who has worked with Spears for years, recently joined Spears for the first four shows of her Circus tour, butsays the two recently have been growing much closer away from the workplace.

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Spears wore nothing more than a bikini and rode around on the back of an ATV with her arms firmly planted on Trawick’s waist.

They were then photographed together May 23 at Christian Audigier’s 50th birthday party at L. Trawick has been credited with helping Spears reunite with her parents, manager Larry Rudolph, and landing her comeback role on How I Met Your Mother.

Here are a couple of rare photos of the two of them in close proximity (they take great pains to avoid being photographed together in public intimate settings) last year and the report from E!

News is reporting that Britney Spears has started up a new, secret romantic relationship with one of the men in her life … Actually, there have been whispers that the two were more than just biz associates, going back as far as May of last year when the couple were snapped in semi-intimate poses together while Britney was on holiday in Costa Rica last Spring. , the couple have stepped up their personal involvement and have been enjoying secret dates with one another on more recent occasions.

A Britney Spears insider insists that the rejuvenated pop star and the talent agent strictly have a "close professional relationship" and that's it, calling it "ridiculous" to suggest the pair is anything close to "romantic." .

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