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In order to cover his lucky pair, Jordan began wearing longer shorts, which inspired a trend in the NBA. Björn Borg Unlike the other athletes on this list, Swedish tennis legend Bjö rn Borg had superstitions that related to one specific event—Wimbledon.Known as the Ice Man for his steely confidence on the court, Borg would always prepare for the annual tournament by growing a beard and wearing the same Fila shirt.

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This almost spiritual relationship with his goal earned him the nickname St. Whenever the 6-foot-3 first baseman found himself in a funk, he'd slip his 240-pound frame into a tiny pair of butt floss before playing.

Patrick—and an unprecedented three Conn Smythe trophies. Jason Giambi While his hitting power has cooled in recent years, Colorado Rockie Jason Giambi was a pitcher's worst nightmare in his prime. More often than not, Giambi's weird superstition actually worked.

Players would touch Rhomberg and run, sending him into panic.

In fact, an umpire once had to halt a game between New York and Cleveland, because Yankees players refused to stop touching Rhomberg. Serena Williams While her on-court aggressiveness and competitive nature have given her a reputation as one of the greatest and most feared female tennis players of all time, Serena Williams believes much of her winning ways are the result of closely followed routines.

While leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships during his legendary career, the five-time MVP wore his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform in every game.

Online dating for athletes

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