Cliper dating abu 7000c3 high speed spec

by  |  02-Mar-2016 01:18

You will then be advised on where to send the color sample.

Once the sample is received we will have it analyzed and a formula for that color will be developed, as well as a price per kit based on the raw materials needed.

When you receive your brake caliper paint kit, the amounts are pre-measured.

In other words if you pour the entire jar of reactor into the caliper paint can and stir (As is recommended) you have the optimal amounts of both parts to achieve the high-gloss self-leveling finish that you have come to expect from our G2™ High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System Set.

Please do not e-mail us requesting a color match for your 2007 Stormy Blue Mica Mazda 3 Series, as we won't be able to help you.

We color match according to the color code only, NOT color names.

Otherwise the formula may be skewed and the finish will be adversely affected. You can mix our brake caliper paint in batches, however it is certainly not recommended.

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