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I know that it is unlikely, but lets say for the sake of my question that this cold sore is caused from HSV 2 (i know this virus is typically below the waist but it is not impossible to have this virus above the waist as well). I have just recently started dating someone new and I know that he gets cold sores, at the time we started dating he did not have one on his mouth, however I have reason to believe that he may have had one in his nose (yes I may be paranoid). So I wake up the other day and have a very big, very painful cold sore on my lip.

This cold sore is not the same as my other familiar friend that I have been getting very random visits from for the past 13 years; this new cold sore is huge, very painful and in a different spot.

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Also 2/3 of infected people have no idea they are infected.

Aside from taking the necessary precautions, am I over reacting by breaking up (she's a really great girl)? • extremely contagious and there is no cure as it sits in the nervous system • passed on through kissing, sharing a glass, or personal items, utensil, etc. • Usually affects children under the age of 5 - about 95 % of these children experience no signs of illness or rash during the first infection • Typically, a child will catch the virus from a friend or family member who has a cold sore • By the time they're teenagers or young adults, about 50% of Americans have HSV-1 antibodies in their blood.

2.) If this is the same herps as I have always had, than why is this out break bigger and badder than previous ones?

3.) I think that because this outbreak is bigger and in a new place, possible along a different nerve pathway that I have been reinfected with the herpes virus opposite of the one I already had, this is possible right?

I have had a cold sore a total of three times over the past 13 years.

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