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I remind him that at a party, she doesn’t have a hundred men lined up to talk to her. The strength of online dating lies in its ability to give us access to total strangers; the downside is how difficult it is to keep their attention. Finally, we get to talking about the woman he’s writing to. I wrote about this extensively in a chapter from “Why You’re Still Single” creatively called “Don’t Play Games”, but to reiterate: NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF PLAYING GAMES. None of those things prevent a guy from being nice. Kindness without confidence is the charge against the wishy-washy “nice guys”.They spoke on the phone last night for the first time. But if you put confidence and kindness together…well, I’d say you have a pretty irresistible combination of traits for a man. Confident men keep their plans after they make them.

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"Women wanted the bad boys." Everyone probably knows a Mr. He's the guy who patiently listens to a girl complain without interrupting her.

Because of his sweet nature, he puts the girl's demands first, altering his weekend plans to fit her schedule.

He advises the men to leave a little mystery because women, despite what they say, do desire the chase. 1 problem cited by his male clients, and he explains why, using the game of poker.

"A lot of nice guys are showing all his cards and saying, 'What should I do? "After that, nothing happens." The Modern Man, a company based in Australia that provides dating advice, suggests a similar anti-nice guy solution: Stop wasting money on expensive dates, and don't always cater to her needs first.

I reiterate old themes, try to put things into a much-needed perspective. And find out the next time she’s available to talk on the phone.” I’m a big believer in the phone. I don’t want her to think I’m too interested.” An old wives’ tale, I assure him.

Nice guy dating advice

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