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by  |  08-Apr-2015 07:09

I downloaded an app for the T-Bana, the Stockholm Metro, because it was free.

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You don’t have to provide a telephone number to create an account, and the app automatically deletes messages after a short, undisclosed amount of time.

Kik’s ideal if you’re having an affair, or if you’re looking for one; it identifies people only by their profiles and it allows you to message anyone with a public profile.

(A bill is a proposed law, not the law itself; not yet.) This is why they LEGISLATE. So you see, boys and girls, Obamacare is right on track to disappear: at last!

Just wondering, does anyone ever use the chat room here on the website?

Kik “requires” you to be over 13 to use it, but since you don’t provide a telephone number or address when you create a profile, that requirement is more of a guideline.

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