Two of us dating rip off

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I was a "subscriber" to Zoosk for a week and can totally relate to other comments of other dissatisfied users. I also deleted my photos and what I thought was my profile. Now even after the subscription has expired they will not let me go. I searched the site for single women in my area before joining. After joining it became apparent that half of the women weren't actually on the site.

This month I get another charge for the total amount so I called customer service and complain. I keep getting messages from multiple ladies daily. At first, I was getting more attention than a Calvin Klein undies model, getting "likes", "winks" and "wants to meet you" by the dozen in rapid succession.

That is when I discovered Zoosk is basically a data mining company, and collects all your info to sell! Bottom line is that they don't have support - even when you want to give them money!

Two of us dating rip off dating services willmar mn

I found very few men on there that either contacted me, or I contacted to be authentic, except for the really old guys that were 10 years older than my selected preference. If you want a refund of any kind, don't expect one because it's not coming. He said that he hasn't been on the site for a couple of yrs and yet, his profile is still up!!! Apart from the fact that any contacts were hundreds of miles away I would never ever pay £100.00 for a subscription. I tried to contact the company and not lead other ladies on as I am getting to know a very special 60 year old lady.

Their platform looks good, looked good when I signed up, but in the end, move on and use Match or OKCupid or Bumble or Tinder or Ashley Madison or Craigslist or anything other site and or app. If anyone knows how I can get my profile off this site, please let me know. If I cannot get a positive result from Zoosk I will try the media as in LBC and Radio 4 consumer programs. Yes they charged me $9.95 $29.95 and I canceled it three days after I set it up because was not satisfied with the site. Yes I bought a 6 month premium plan and may have been a good catch with a thoughtful true profile.

I was on the site for 2 months but found all of the good/decent looking guys profiles to be fakes. I paid one month's subscription in January - have just received statement which showed a very big sum of money taken out without my knowledge on the same day. I met someone on Zoosk and tried to change my page to say met someone and not seeking new dates.

They would take days to get back to me, if at all, and when they did they always asked something about how I liked Zoosk. If you have trouble setting up online and app, don't expect any real help. I had forgotten about it but kept getting email msg. I recently paid for one month to see what it was like. During this time I found out that Zoosk does not remove your profile, thus the emails!!! and tried to delete my entire profile but the site wouldn't let me. But, they are deceiving men & women by keeping profiles of unsubscribed people on their site. I saw a friend whom I met on the site and I asked him if he was still on the site. I am not able to find out what this is for as any type of communication seems to be robotic. You can tell the person replying is not a real date. They keep sending the same person as viewed your profile. The site refused to update my profile even after several attempts.

I have since done a search on the site as a non-member and guess what?

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