Sec cam without regestretion

by  |  21-Apr-2015 06:27

MOBOTIX Q25M-SEC, Hemispheric Q25 IP Camera With Up To 360 degree view.(Please specify lens.)MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q25 An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera.

Final Resolution—Every 24 hours, firmware spawns a task--cfg Monitor Task--that checks the value of the vxworks kernel timing counter.

This fix staggers the reboots of the controllers for approximately five days so the only impact is a small performance degradation while the reboot occurs.

Workaround—Use only the “Host Or Sim Link In” port to cascade J4400 arrays.

Bug 15624460 (6928490)—This error has been observed in a configuration of cascaded J4200 and J4400 arrays with dual-path to the host (one HBA connected to SIM0 domain and another HBA of the same host connected to SIM1). Bug 15649467 (6960746)—Report for configuration with both HBA ports into single SAS Domain with Zoning disabled yields FRU Report issues such as: Attaching both ports from an HBA into the same F5100 expander results in a “wide port” (8 phys).

To determine if a Smart battery is installed, verify by checking the following: Bug 15744716 (7096012)—The IPV6 Routable address is not being set correctly during array registration.

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