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From surveying the lists as a whole she deduced that the animal world mirrors the human world.

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To fill-in the historical period from the Exodus and Sinai revelation to the preparations in Moab to enter the Promised Land B.

To explain that the 38 year period in the wilderness was a consequence for the unbelief of the older generation (Dt ff) C.

The inclusion of law with narrative is designed to emphasize promise in that Israel can fulfill it 3.

The rondo, or variation, form in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers emphasizes large cycles which bring out “the parallels between the three journeys, and between the three occasions of law-giving, at Sinai, Kadesh and the plains of Moab.” A.

To allot work assignments in the forced labor gangs and the religious cult (Num 3:4) c. To contribute to the organization of former slaves into a unified people 2. The first census was taken in the second month of the second year after the Exodus (Num 1:1) numbering the first generation of post-Exodus Israelites b.

Llatin dating related 13 txt 13

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