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And again this heading sounds a bit unfair to other nationalities, but it has its point.

Due to the overall spread of the feminist movement, relationships between men and women have changed.

As it’s been said above, the world view has changed immensely, so are the family values. There are lots of other things to do: • build a career; • enjoy yourself; • travel; • fulfill all sorts of your dreams; • do almost anything, just not marry and have kids.

• Why do you think Russian and Ukrainian brides are so sought-after?

• What makes foreigners come to Russia and other post-soviet countries looking for brides instead of marrying someone from their mother-land?

Such approach gives a man no opportunity to court a woman in an old-fashioned way, because she will think that he doesn’t take her as an equal and feels superior.

Luckily, not all women feel insulted when men try to open a door in front of them or give them a hand. It seems natural for them to accept men’s help and attention, and they allow men to court them, protect them, spoil them and take care of them.

The very basis of this relationship has changed and to some women it appears inappropriate for men to court them.

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